Isabelle Bilbao and Guy Néplaz, Koegui booksellers

The KOEGUI bookshop was born from the meeting between Isabelle Bilbao and Guy Néplaz, now partners. Driven by the same curiosity to discover new authors, illustrators or bookbinders, they share a high standard in the selection of works collected in the bookshop.

They are both very attached to make beautiful books known and loved and to connect with their clients, collectors, bibliophiles or enlightened amateurs of relationships of trust.

Isabelle Bilbao

Isabelle Bilbao - Libraire Koegui
Isabelle Bilbao diplômée d’histoire sur le Pays Basque

Isabelle Bilbao has a degree in contemporary history from the Basque Country. She is the author of the book Jean Ybarnegaray, Entre petite et grande patrie, a synthesis of the life and ideas of a character who played an essential political role in the Basque Country.

Guy Neplaz

Guy Néplaz - Librairie Koegui
Guy Néplaz librairie Koegui à Bayonne

Guy Néplaz developed the book virus with his father, a bibliophile, whom he accompanied at a very young age at auctions. In addition to a professional life in business consulting, he is a collector who is always looking for beautiful history, travel and literature books and dreams of one day becoming a bookseller.

This dream came true with the acquisition in 2006 of the Pyrenees bookshop, which had been located for 30 years in the heart of the greater Bayonne region.

Joined by Isabelle Bilbao in 2010, they created the KOEGUI library on the same site around an initial background selected with great care.

Guy Néplaz is Treasurer of the SLAM (Syndicat de la Librairie Ancienne et Moderne). He is a passionate advocate for the development of bibliophilia.

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