The 5 values of the Koegui library

Passion, trust, transmission, the search for beauty and the conservation of beautiful books, rare, ancient and modern books are the 5 fundamental values of the KOEGUI library.

Rare bookstore is above all a passion

We are committed to our business by PASSION. Passion for rare books and beautiful modern or antique books.

To be a bookseller of beautiful rare books, old or modern, is to know how to propose the right book to the right person. It means getting to know the other, knowing how to listen to him, understanding his desires, anticipating his desires and going in search of beautiful books to offer.

Our personal passions and those of our customers push us to travel all over France and to participate in auctions to buy books according to our customers' requests.


Being a bookseller means knowing how to create a relationship of trust

Our action is part of a long-term TRUSTED relationship with our customers. Trust is based on a genuine commitment to quality that provides them with all the guarantees they desire in the life of their passion as collectors and lovers of antique books.

Our membership in SLAM further reinforces this commitment to quality, authenticity of works and after-sales service.

The transmission of the love of beautiful books is part of our missions as booksellers

As a bookseller, we have a mission to TRANSMIT old books, rare works. A mission that extends to as many people as possible, whether they are future bibliophiles and collectors.

It is important for us to help understand what makes a book precious, whether it is modern or old; a beautiful signed binding, a renowned illustrator, beautiful papers, the rarity of the book, its excellent condition.

Knowing how to recognize a rare book is something you learn and we are always ready to explain what makes a book valuable.

In search of beautiful books

Achat vente de livres anciens, rares, modernes : nos valeurs
La librairie Koegui recherche les plus beaux livres

Our action is part of THE PERMANENT RESEARCH OF THE BEAUTIFUL which generates pleasure, emotions and aesthetic sensations: beautiful books, beautiful texts, beautiful signed bindings and beautiful illustrations.

The vast majority of people who love books and those who collect them have a taste for a subject, an era, an author... when they buy a beautiful book, they choose, in accordance with their budget, the most "beautiful" book possible.

Our job is to do everything we can to help them do so.

The storage conditions guarantee the quality of the books we offer

We ensure the CONSERVATION of old books in an optimal atmosphere with a temperature between 18 and 20°C and a controlled hygrometry and an appropriate level of light.

We also ensure the best conditions for the maintenance of the structures on our bottom with the use of a special wax.

Finally, we send our books in carefully wrapped protective packaging to ensure the safety of the books during transport.

A beautiful book is a precious object that deserves the best conditions of conservation both in the bookstore and during the expedition.

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