Philosophy of the KOEGUI library

Koegui Booksellers' Code of Ethics

This code of practice for booksellers specialising in antique books defines universally accepted practices applicable to any commercial transaction concluded between professional booksellers, or between booksellers and institutions or individuals. In this context, the field of the ancient bookshop includes, in addition to books, manuscripts, autograph letters, engravings, maps and drawings, as well as any other kind of handwritten or printed document.

In commercial transactions, members of national associations affiliated to the LILA (in short, hereinafter referred to as'members') must expressly respect the practices described in this document, which expressly states that members offer their clients a clearly defined code of ethics based on a high ethical requirement.

Code déontologie librairie koegui
Librairie Koegui : Livres anciens, livres modernes et livres rares

Members undertake to describe precisely the parts they wish to sell. They must clearly indicate to potential buyers all defects or deficiencies and significant restorations carried out. Unless otherwise agreed, the buyer of incorrectly described parts must be able to obtain a full refund of the amount paid, including shipping costs for re-shipment.

The intention to return a part must be indicated as soon as possible, within a previously established time limit and in accordance with local laws. Where no prior agreement has been made, the intention to return should be made within a maximum of 10 days after receipt of the goods.
Refunds should be made or credited to the customer's credit card as soon as the customer has reached an agreement with the seller.

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