Conservation of books

Books are fragile and have many natural enemies: water, light, heat, insects, so it is necessary to keep them in the best conditions. To preserve your works and keep your library at its best, it is essential to create the optimal conditions for the conservation of books at home:

  • an optimum atmosphere with a temperature between 18 and 20°C
  • a controlled hygrometry
  • an appropriate level of light
  • appropriate storage
  • appropriate handling conditions
  • repair and maintenance that does not degrade the structure

For bibliophiles, collectors or lovers of beautiful books who are committed to ensuring the maximum lifespan of their works, the Koegui bookshop offers an adapted and personalized service:

  • Diagnosis of book storage conditions
  • Design of an ideal preservation system adapted to the library and the place
  • Implementation and completion of the work

A beautiful book is a precious object that deserves the best conditions of conservation, we can help you create these conditions.

Les livres sont fragiles, leurs conditions de conservation sont essentielles
Surveillez les conditions de conservation de vos livres

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