Library design and creation

Have a personalized library that reflects your heritage, your culture, your history, your tastes, your values... A library reflects the personality, passions, favourites and culture of its owner, many of us dream of the ideal library but its creation requires time and patience to find the books that will constitute it.

Whether you lack time, contacts or patience... we can take care of building the ideal library for you that meets your expectations and fits your budget.

Création de bibliothèque, un service de la librairie Koegui
Bibliothèque patrimoniale

Treat yourself to a bibliophile, collector's or patriomonial library

The library offers you a tailor-made service to build a bibliophile's library, a collector's library or a heritage library, we can intervene on request to:

  • The creation of libraries of a heritage or decorative nature
  • The creation of a collection of works by an author, a period, or on a theme
  • The creation of a heritage library to pass on to your loved ones
  • The creation of a corporate library
La librairie Koegui peut vous aider à vous constituer une bibliothèque de bibliophile
Bibliothèque de bibliophile personnalisée

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