Expertise and valuation of books or libraries

The expertise consists in formulating an opinion on the authenticity and quality of the books or documents to be appraised and in attaching an estimation price to the description, taking into account the situation and the evolution of the market.

We are at your disposal for any expertise of books or libraries in the context of succession, insurance or sharing.

We advise you on the advisability of an amicable transfer or an auction.

Travel in France is at our expense.

Library expertise

Estimation de bibliothèque
Koegui peut réaliser l'expertise de votre bibliothèque

Our appraisals concerning the insurance, the patrimonial value or the sharing of a collection are subject to a preliminary estimate established on the basis of the time planned or a percentage according to the work to be done. They are always conducted in the strictest confidentiality.

We can assess your library on the following points:

  • Overall value and value of each structure
  • Adaptation of the library to your expectations as a bibliophile or collector
  • Cultural value of the library
  • Heritage value of the library: transfer, taxes, etc.
  • Inventory before insurance
  • Optimization and conservation of the library: cataloguing, conditions of conservation, origins of the works...

Expertise in old and modern books for purchase and sale

Bibliophiles and collectors are continually increasing the value of old and modern books, but it is not always easy to know the value of your books. In addition to the current market price, many parameters must be taken into account:

  • original edition or not,
  • unique copy,
  • editing period,
  • Renowned author,
  • the illustrator's reputation,
  • the bookbinder's reputation,
  • condition of the structure

The value of a modern or old book can vary from a thousand euros to much more. We can appraise and estimate for you the value of the works you wish to buy or sell and we can also take care of negotiating the transaction.

Whether you are buying or selling old, rare or modern books, Koegui Bookstore recommends that you carry out an appraisal and an estimation of the books.

For our clients, we can provide a free oral estimate of the books presented to us in bookstores or in their libraries.

Expertise de livres anciens
Estimation des livres anciens ou rares

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