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Peau-Brune. De Saint-Nazaire à la Ciotat. Journal de Nord.

Peau Brune
Réf. 59747

Lyon.  -  Société des XXX de Lyon  - 

  • Bookbinder : DEVAUCHELLE
  • Format : In-4.
  • Number of volumes : 1 volume.
  • Binding : Bound.
  • Collation : 84 pp.

In a bordered case and under a half-maroquin folder. Full blue morocco binding. Dishes decorated with a brown, red, brick, green, beige mosaic sailboat with golden radiating nets and a set of cold-rolled nets, lining and endpapers of blue fabric edged with ochre morocco. All edges gilded. Filled cover, with title printed in relief, preserved. Binding signed DEVAUCHELLE Rel-Dor.

Illustrated with F.-L. SCHMIED's color woodcuts: cover band, 2 full-page engravings, and 115 bands, end lines and dead ends. For this book, F.-L. Schmied adopts a curious layout: two columns separated by a set of five red lines, reserving underneath them an empty space of a height equal to the width of a column, the woods, of very different formats, sometimes serving as end of lines, are distributed very freely within this strict framework.

PRINTING LIMITED to 135 numbered copies on vellum in the form signed by the author.

Collaborator's copy with a double sequence of engravings and the decomposition of the colours of the last full-page engraving, preceded by a sheet bearing the autograph mention signed by F.-L. Schmied : " Etats n° XXXVIII de la planche L'oiseau pliefs ses ailes " (States n° XXXVIII of the plate The bird folds its wings).

Peau-Brune is the name of Schmied's yacht. In this logbook, he recounts his 1927 voyage.

Ex-libris H. Lebaudy.

Great copy.

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