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Les amitiés sahariennes du père de foucauld

Les amitiés sahariennes du père de foucauld
Réf. 55281

Paris  -  Arthaud  - 

  • Format : In-8.
  • Number of volumes : 2 tomes.
  • Binding : Paperback.
  • Collation : Tome 1: 401 pp. Tome 2: 501 pp.

Filled printed soft cover. Uncut copies. Freckles on covers. Illustrations by M.-J. Hainaut. An out-of-text map. Photographic plates.

Collection "Foucauld the African".

Preface by Léon Lehuraux. Book crowned by the French Academy.

Correspondence of Father de Foucauld with the military.

LIMITED EDITED to 420 copies numbered on vellum in the B.F.K shape of the Rives paper mills. Unjustified copy.

Correct condition.

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