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Fontainebleau le miroir des dames

Fontainebleau le miroir des dames
Réf. 56805

Paris  -  Robert Laffont  - 

  • Format : In-4.
  • Number of volumes : 1 volume.
  • Binding : Paperback.
  • Collation : 124 pp.

Full black cloth binding under publisher's jacket with flaps. Nice fresh paper. Illustrated with numerous colour reproductions, in and/or out of text.

The School of Fontainebleau is a mysterious and charming episode in the history of French painting. "Le Miroir des dames" is not a lark's mirror: if the painting of time is mainly concerned with elegance, it also prepares, without knowing it too much, without showing it too much, the wealth of the future. Artifice, brio, casualness can be ways of hiding feelings; out of this hiding place, they will take on a new vigour; deceive it, or rather charm it, which is a step before the return to sincerity. Testimony to a balance of harmony, mystery and beauty, this album brings the graceful and refined offering of Renaissance ladies to the adventure of painting. The School of Fontainebleau is the name given to two periods in the history of French art, which dominated French artistic creation in the 16th and 17th centuries, and are among the most accomplished examples of art reborn in France". André Barret.

Copy enriched with a SIGNED SELF-SIGNED SENSE from the author.

In very good condition.

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