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Crimes célèbres
Réf. 60356

Crimes célèbres

Paris. - Administration de librairie -

Complete series of eight volumes bound in 4 volumes.

This series includes the following works: Les Cenci; La Marquise de Brinvilliers; Karl Ludwig Sand; Marie Stuart; La Marquise de Ganges; Murat; Les Borgia; Urbain Grandier; Vaninka...…

Voyage en Russie
Réf. 56085

Voyage en Russie

Genève - Éditions Édito-Service S.A -

Preface by André MAUROIS. Preparation of the text and notes by Jacques SUFFEL. …

Gaule et France
Réf. 54604

Gaule et France

Paris - U. Canel, A. Guyot -


Written in 1833, Gaul and France "contains the most important facts of our history, from the establishment of the Germans in the Gauls to the divisions brought between France and England by the death of Charles-le-Bel". In this work,…

Réf. 39705


Paris - Gallimard -

FIRST EDITION. One of the 160  numbered copies on pure Lafuma-Navarre vellum.…

Herminie, l'amazone
Réf. 38900

Herminie, l'amazone

Paris - Calmann-Lévy -

First separate edition (first edition published with Marianna, in Brussels in 1859).

Edouard is an idle, kind and brave young Parisian. He falls in love with Herminie. But in the time of passion,  comes the time of revenge.…

Le capitaine Pamphile
Réf. 33987

Le capitaine Pamphile

Paris - Calmann-Lévy -

ORIGINAL EDITION illustrated with 130 thumbnails, 26 of which are out of text by BERTALL.…

Guillaume Tell
Réf. 657
Réf. 1465

De Paris à Cadix. Impressions de Voyage (1846)

Paris - Les Papeteries De Sorel-Moussel -

Nice copy. Rare.…


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