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Blaise Cendrars

Paris - Louis Vuitton -

Travelling with..." collection.

This volume inaugurated the "travelling with..." collection. It includes the great poems of Cendrars in a first bilingual edition, translated and illustrated by Dos Passos. After meeting for the first time in 1923, the…


Poésies complètes de Blaise Cendrars

Paris - Les éditions Denoël -

Introduction by Jacques-Henry LÉVESQUE.

This collection includes: From around the world; Nineteen elastic poems; The war in Luxembourg; Distorted sonnets; Negro poems; Documentaries; Road maps; South American; Miscellaneous poems and In the heart of…


Profond aujourd'hui

Paris - Les écrivains réunis -

LIMITED EDITING to 550 numbered copies. One of the 500 copies on Vergé Baroque Thé, third and last paper.…



Paris - Bernard Grasset -

FIRST EDITION. This one of 110 numbered copies on Lafuma-Navarre vellum paper.

Moravagine is the name of the central character in the novel, a mad man who escaped from his asylum with the help of his psychiatrist. Together, the two men will…


Brésil, des hommes sont venus...

Paris - Fata Morgana -

This work was completed on 1 September 1987, specially for the centenary of Blaise CENDRARS.

LIMITED EDITING to 1000 copies. This one is one of 950 copies on ivory laid.…



Paris - Grasset -

ORIGINAL EDITION on publishing paper. …


Le plan de l' aiguille

Paris - Au sans pareil -

ORIGINAL EDITION on publishing paper.…


La vie secrète de Jean GALMOT

Paris - Les Éditions de France -

Collection "Le livre d' aujourd' hui".…


Prose du Transsibérien et de la petite Jehanne de …

Paris - Denoël -

LIMITED EDITED edition of 1500 numbered copies on arches of Arjomari-Prioux paper mills. This is one of the 1500 numbered copies. …


La Fin du Monde filmée par L' Ange N.D.

Paris - Éditions de la Sirène -

LIMITED ORIGINAL EDITION to 1,225 numbered copies. This one is one of the 1,200 copies on Lafuma vellum register paper.…


John Paul Jones ou l' ambition

Paris - Fata Morgana -

ORIGINAL EDITION LIMITED to 1000 copies. This one is one of 50 copies on pure Johannot vellum.…


Noel aux quatre coins du monde

Paris - Robert Cayla -

Collection "Les amis de l' Originale" N° 15.

ORIGINAL EDITION limited to 475 copies. This is one of 425 copies on Gazelle paper... The various typographical and lettertrine ornamentations found in the book were designed and engraved on original wood…


Entretien de Fernand Léger avec Blaise Cendrars et …

Paris - Louis Carré -

Limited edition to 750 copies on Arches vellum.

Book published for the exhibition "Le Paysage dans l'œuvre de Fernand Léger" at Galerie Louis Carré from 19 November to 31 December 1954, but published two years later outside the trade. Map of the…


J'ai tué

Paris - La Belle Édition -

A poignant testimony from Blaise Cendrars sharing his experience of the war, enlisted in the Foreign Legion, where he was wounded and amputated with his right hand in 1915:
" Members are flying in the air. I get blood all over my face. We…


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