Les chants du crépuscule

Paris  -  Eugène Renduel  - 

  • Format : In-8
  • Number of volumes : 1 volume
  • Binding : Bound
  • Collation : 330 pp.
  • Language : Français

First edition

ORIGINAL EDITION constituting Volume V of the first edition of the complete works. Solid red morocco binding. Smooth spine decorated with golden fillets. Framing nets on the boards. Three jaspered slices. The last page is mistakenly numbered 354 instead of 334.

As Clouzet points out: "the last sheet: nomenclature of V. Hugo's works is often missing, which does not constitute a very serious defect" The collection contains poems composed from 1830 to 1835, mainly during the autumn of 1835, when Hugo was staying at Les Roches, among the Bertin family. It contains political pieces in which the poet stands out from the Bourbon monarchy and even sings of the Emperor.

Categories : Poetry, First edition
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