Équipée. Voyage au pays du réel.

Paris  -  la Palatine, A la librairie Plon  - 

  • Bookbinder : Florent ROUSSEAU
  • Format : In-8
  • Number of volumes : 1 volume.
  • Binding : Bound.
  • Collation : 241 pp.

Beautiful binding, first edition

Under fitting in full black morocco. Pink half-marbled binding. Smooth, silent spine. Dishes covered with printed Chinese paper. Original paper covers and spine bound in. Binding signed Florent ROUSSEAU.

FIRST EDITION. This one of the 30 numbered copies on Japan and one of the 6 out of trade, second paper of the head print, after 10 China - and before 75 Holland, 200 Lafuma and 2 400 alfa. "Equipped in this way, it condenses the poet's entire experience in China, from the first trip in 1909 to the archaeological mission of 1914. The book does not give any date, nor does it specify any place - a challenge for a travel journal - but keeps the strict "I". Without any link between them, in appearance, twenty-seven emblematic chapters tend to render the quintessence of the various experiences, lived and invented.

(Pierre Saunier, Catalogue Victor Segalen, l'exote, 2010)

Thus, after the first four chapters in which the narrator dreams of travel, from the fifth chapter onwards, the imagination fades into reality and the physical sensations associated with learning to walk: "I compose between aches and pains and a growing appetite", p. 24. Throughout the book, imagination and reality are constantly mixed.

Enriched copy of MANUSCRIT of Gilbert de Voisins' article published in the Nouvelles litté- raires of July 20, 1929. Soft binding in braided Chinese paper. "Imagination and reality have joined forces to move you when, all of a sudden, reality breaks the agreement by placing on your road the boundary that you do not cross. You were walking towards the peaks, when a messenger brings you the amazing news that strikes you of your dreams and imposes a reality that exceeds all expectations: Please activate urgently Tonkin Gilbert from Neighbours, Segalen, Lartigue because war declared Germany, Austria against France Russia England ".

Spectacular binding by Florent Rousseau.