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Notes sur André Gide 1913-1951

Paris - Gallimard -

FIRST EDITION. One of the 262 numbered copies on pure thread vellum.…


Paris vécu.

Paris - Librairie Gallimard, NRF -

FIRST EDITION. This is one of 1,200 numbered copies for Friends of the Original Edition.…


Excelsior (U.S.A.)

Liège - A la lampe d'Aladdin -

Collection "A la lampe d'Aladdin", n°11.

LIMITED PULLING. This one is one of the 300 numbered copies on baroque laid tea.…


Lewis et Irène

Paris - Les éditions G. Crès et Cie -

4th volume of the collection "Maitres et jeunes d'aujourd'hui".

LIMITED PULLING. This one is one of 1,000 numbered copies on Marais vellum.…


L'Europe Galante

Paris. - Bernard Grasset -

Chronicle of the twentieth century.

FIRST EDITION. This one is one of 1 650 numbered copies on Lafuma pure thread wove paper.…


Ouvert le nuit Fermé la nuit

Genève. - A l'enseigne du cheval ailé -

French classics of the 20th century, No. 3.

PRINTING LIMITED to 2,200 copies on imponderable yardage.…


Les écrits nouveaux

Paris - Emile-Paul frères. -

Third year, number six. Contains:

- PICARD: Shadows

- Pierre de Lanux: Pictures by Edgar Poe

- Paul MORAND: Mones d'Or. Don Juan. As for the ladies

- SAVITZKY: Around Belphegor

- CHADOURNE: Whispers of the forest (end)

- CRAIG: Two theatres in Italy

- SUARES: Moliere in the Old Dovecote…

Categories : Classic edition

La chronique filmée du mois

- -

In this issue 30: July in Spain, streets and faces of the revolution. Notes, sketches and drawings by Chas-Laborde.

The issue tells the story of the beginning of the Spanish War in the Spanish Basque Country (Bilbao, San Sebastian...).…


La Grande Barbarie (fragments)

Paris - Calmann-Lévy -

Sold for the benefit of Belgian victims.…

Categories : First edition

Leçons sur la philosophie de la religion - Parties …

Paris. - Librairie philosophique J. Vrin. -


Translated from the German by J. Gibelin.

Condensed in 5 volumes of all the Hgelian philosophy in which the 19th century German philosopher shows us that philosophy can unite many fields of knowledge. Hence the fact that he exposes all his theories linking philosophy and religion. After first explaining the foundations of religion, the author presents its different forms and their particularities: religion of nature, of spiritual and absolute…


Nouveaux voyages en zigzag - Tomes 1 et 2

Paris. - Garnier frères. -

Preceded by a notice by Mr. Sainte-Beuve.

Novel in two volumes by the Swiss writer Rodolphe Töpffer. In each of them - Journey to the Grande Chartreuse and around Mont Blanc and Journey through the Hérens valleys, from Zermatt to Grimsel, Genoa and the Corniche - he tells the story of children's peregrinations through the country. This is where the author's pedagogical aspect comes into play, as it allows the reader to discover new landscapes, the very ones that the protagonists observe in…


Lettres provinciales et Pensées - Tome premier et …

Paris. - Lefèvre. -

New edition.

Augmented, 1°. by an Examination of the Provincial Letters, and of the sources of the perfection of Pascal's style; 2°. by an Introduction to Thoughts, by Count François de Neufchateau; 3°. by a new Analytical Table of Thoughts.

Re-edition in two volumes bringing together two classics of Pascal's philosophical literature: Les Lettres provinciales and Les Pensées. In the first work, the author evokes the religious troubles between Jansenists and Catholics that shook his time through…


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