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Celle-ci et celle-là

or the young and passionate France.

Celle-ci et celle-là
Réf. 51966

illustrated by François COURBOIN

Paris  -  Librairie A. Rouquette  - 

  • Bookbinder : MERCIER
  • Format : In-4.
  • Number of volumes : 1 volume.
  • Binding : Bound.
  • Collation : 161 pp.

In lined case and under shirt in half-marbled lined. Long-grain green leatherette binding, wide frame of multiple gilded and cold gilded fillets and gilded fleurons, large gilded diamond-shaped fleuron in the centre. Decorated back. All gilded edges on witnesses, inner border decorated with a garland and gilded fillets, bright red lining and moire guards, fillets on the cups. Cover and back kept. Binding signed Mercier succ. de Cuzin.

Edition adorned with a portrait of the author in a medallion and 32 compositions in the text, engraved in etching in colour by François COURBOIN.

LIMITED EDITED to 125 copies on Arches vellum, this one containing 3 states of illustrations, including pure black etching with remarks, black state with remarks and final state in colour.
SINGLE EXAMPLE n°1, printed for Félix Leseur, enriched with the suite of original watercolours by François Courboin (except for the title sticker) and original preparatory drawings in pencil. The drawings, of a larger format, are labelled by the artist. Courboin's original watercolours, of great finesse, are in illustration format.
Two LARGE AQUARELLES of the same format have been added and signed by COURBOIN. One corresponds to the illustration on p. 88: Young woman standing up, styling herself in front of her mirror. The other shows A man standing up from behind, holding a crumpled letter. It corresponds to the illustration on p. 122.
In fine, a colour gravure is bound according to Courboin. We see a bookseller greeting his customers in his shop in the romantic era.
Sczaniecki libraries (I, 1974, n°155) and Henri M. Petiet (VIII, 1997, n°101).

Superb copy.

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