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La Fin du Monde filmée par L' Ange N.D.

La Fin du Monde filmée par L' Ange N.D.
Réf. 52928

illustrated by Fernand LÉGER

Paris  -  Éditions de la Sirène  - 

  • Format : In-4.
  • Number of volumes : 1 volume.
  • Binding : Paperback.
  • Collation : 60 pp.

Brown cover illustrated. 22 stencil colour compositions by Fernand LÉGER, including 2 on the cover and 20 stencils in colour in the book, including 3 on double page. Small spots on the cover. This album retraces the apocalypse of the modern world, imagined as a film scenario and brilliantly illustrated by Fernand Léger's interplay of forms, which demonstrates a great modernity by mixing cubist illustrations and clever typographical games.

LIMITED ORIGINAL EDITION to 1,225 numbered copies. This one is one of the 1,200 copies on Lafuma vellum register paper.

Good condition.

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