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J'ai tué

J’ai tué de Cendrars
Réf. 40070

illustrated by Fernand LEGER

Paris  -  La Belle Édition  - 

  • Format : In- 12 carré
  • Number of volumes : 1 volume.
  • Binding : Bound.
  • Collation : 35 pp.
  • Language : Français

In a modern case and nesting designed especially for this book. Half sorrow period binding with corners, gilded head, not trimmed. Coverage retained 

The illustration includes 5 drawings by Fernand LEGER engraved on wood, printed in blue, yellow and red, one on the front cover and 2 on a full page. The text is printed in red Light soiling on the covers.

A poignant testimony from Blaise Cendrars sharing his experience of the war, enlisted in the Foreign Legion, where he was wounded and amputated with his right hand in 1915:
" Members are flying in the air. I get blood all over my face. We hear hear heart-rending screams. We jump out of the abandoned trenches. We see clusters of corpses, despicable as packages of ragpickers ; shell holes, filled to the rim like garbage cans ; terrines full of unnamed things - juice, meat, clothes and droppings. Then in the corners, behind the bushes, in a hollow path, there are the ridiculous dead, frozen like mummies and making their little Pompeii... ". 

ORIGINAL EDITION AND FIRST ILLUSTRATED BOOK BY FERNAND LEGER Single edition at 355 numbered copies, this one of 300 on paper in the form (laid).

Good condition.

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