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Les Débuts de César Borgia

Les Débuts de César Borgia
Réf. 51965

illustrated by Georges ROCHEGROSSE

Paris  -  Les Bibliophiles Contemporains  - 

  • Bookbinder : Charles MEUNIER
  • Format : Grand in-8.
  • Number of volumes : 1 volume.
  • Binding : Bound.
  • Collation : 83 pp.

In lined case. Bound in full red morocco. Flats richly decorated with a gilded portico. Decorated back. All gilded edges on witnesses, castor on the cups, wide inner lace. Lining and red moire guards, double guards. Blankets and backs kept. Binding signed Ch. Meunier, 96. Illustrated edition of 13 compositions by Georges ROCHEGROSSE engraved with etching by Paul Avril, F. Courboin, Fornet and Manesse, coloured and enhanced with gold.

LIMITED EDITED to 186 copies on watermarked laid, this one with the following illustrations in black.

Copy enriched with a very beautiful ORIGINAL AQUARELLA (10 x 10 cm) painted on the false title and signed G.M. Rochegrosse, corresponding to the illustration on p.3. It depicts Caesar Borgia, dressed in a long ermine collar coat, kneeling and kissing the hand of the Duke of Gandie, his brother.
A portrait of Jean Richepin on China is attached to his etching by Noël Masson.
- An L.A.S. of Jean Richepin[to a lady] dated Sun. 3 February[18]78, 1 p. in-8
He is "sorry" and "offended" that she "so strangely mistaken" about the cause of her "hilarity the other night" and that she saw "an impertinent laugh" for her in a "very natural cheerfulness"...
- A funny note signed G. Rochegrosse, s.l.n.d. [circa 1880], 2 pp. ½ in-8. About found objects: "1° My ladder... does not belong to me, alas, it is sublet to me by my dealer of colors. 2° my brushes belong to Mr. Cormon as well as the vials, a mirror, a broken pencil and a small cloth (...)".

Superb copy.

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