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Nouveaux voyages en zigzag - Tomes 1 et 2

Nouveaux voyages en zigzag  - extraits
Réf. 58867

Paris.  -  Garnier frères.  - 

  • Format : In-12.
  • Number of volumes : 2 tomes.
  • Binding : Related.
  • Collation : Tome I : 346 pp.; Tome II : 362 pp.

Set of two volumes with light brown half-basane binding. Moderate wear of the binding. Spine with four nerves with gold fleurons and two coloured morocco pieces: one black with the title and the golden tomaison, the other with the golden author's mention. Both surrounded by gilt fillets. Scattered freckles. All slices multicoloured. Contents decorated with black and white in-text illustrations. Frontispiece in black and white.

Preceded by a notice by Mr. Sainte-Beuve.

Novel in two volumes by the Swiss writer Rodolphe Töpffer. In each of them - Journey to the Grande Chartreuse and around Mont Blanc and Journey through the Hérens valleys, from Zermatt to Grimsel, Genoa and the Corniche - he tells the story of children's peregrinations through the country. This is where the author's pedagogical aspect comes into play, as it allows the reader to discover new landscapes, the very ones that the protagonists observe in wonder.

In good condition.

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