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La Mionette

La Mionette
Réf. 43040

illustrated by O. CORTAZZO

Paris  -  Librairie L. Conquet  - 

  • Bookbinder : CUZIN
  • Format : In-12.
  • Number of volumes : 1 volume.
  • Binding : Bound.
  • Collation : 244 pp.
  • Language : Français

Solid red morocco binding. Spine with nerves decorated with a golden flower in each box. Frame of golden fillets on the boards. Threaded cuts. Gilded edges on witnesses. Large inner lace. Cover kept. Binding signed CUZIN. With 26 compositions of O. CORTAZZZO engraved with etching by Abot and Clapès.

Limited edition to 1,000 copies. This one of the copies of present on Japan, justified by hand by the publisher.

Copy enriched with a AUTOGRAPHY POEM OF THE AUTHOR, entitled "Midnight" and including 16 sixains.

Very nice copy.

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