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Gaule et France

Paris  -  U. Canel, A. Guyot  - 

  • Format : In-12.
  • Number of volumes : 1 volume.
  • Binding : Bound.
  • Collation : 375 pp.

Green half-calf binding. Ribbed back with golden fillet and cold florets. Marbled slices.


Written in 1833, Gaul and France "contains the most important facts of our history, from the establishment of the Germans in the Gauls to the divisions brought between France and England by the death of Charles-le-Bel". In this work, Dumas demonstrates an impressive knowledge of the chronicles and other memories of the time to paint a portrait of France that blends chronological accounts and flies over the three "monarchic races": Merovingians, Carolingians and Capetians.

Ex-libris handwritten in the false title.

Good condition.

Categories : First edition