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Les chansons de Bilitis. Traduites du grec.

Les chansons de Bilitis. Traduites du grec.
Réf. 55275

illustrated by P. LEROY

Paris  -  Éditions du Panthéon  - 

  • Format : In-12.
  • Number of volumes : 1 volume.
  • Binding : Paperback.
  • Collation : 179 pp.

Filled printed soft cover. Beautifully fresh paper. Ten colourful outlooks by P. LEROY.

Pastels" collection.

Les Chansons de Bilitis is a poetic work published in 1894: it is supposedly a translation by Pierre Louÿs of the work of a supposed ancient poetess and to whom these erotic and passionate poems are attributed. The book is preceded by a Life of Bilitis, retraced by the translator and followed by several pages of notes.

LIMITED EDITED to 2750 numbered copies on Johannot rag vellum. This is one of the numbered copies.

In good condition.

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