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Les Cent Nouvelles nouvelles

Les Cent Nouvelles nouvelles
Réf. 63355

illustrated by Albert ROBIDA

Paris  -  A la librairie illustrée  - 

  • Format : In-8.
  • Number of volumes : 2 tomes.
  • Binding : Related.
  • Collation : Tome 1: 338 pp. Tome 2: 308 pp.

Red half-shell binding with corners. Smooth spine decorated with gold title. Gilt head. Cover preserved. Each volume opens with a frontispiece engraving. Rare with the beautiful illustrated cover bound in one piece. Edition revised on the original texts and illustrated with more than 300 drawings by A. Robida.

A unique copy because it is linked in the text to a series of the 52 off-texts of Léon LEBÈGUE.

Nice outfit.

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